"Traveling south from Stornoway is like moving through the Wizard of Oz at the moment when black and white dissolves into Technicolor. The 60 miles to Rodel at the southern tip of the island are a journey through a palette of heather purples, golds, greens, persimmons and surprisingly Caribbean shades of water"

Carol McCabe, Washington Post 2006


rodel location


Rodel is a sanctuary for busy people who are lured here by the laid back pace of life, the historical heritage and natural beauty.

You can wake up to the sound of the sea interrupted only by birds call, explore the local area including the historic St Clement's Church just 600m away, walk your dog and enjoy long summer evenings when it doesn't get dark till late.


Visitors have long enjoyed Rodel and in 1938 one wrote "to convey in cold print an adequate impression of its fascination is impossible. This peaceful and delightful spot seems to have been chosen by nature to receive her most beautiful gifts, an unfailing source of inspiration"

70 years later the fascination and inspiration live on.

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